About 12 years ago I wrote a tune called ‘Maro-Maria’ with bouzouki master Mike Minas. Personally I have an aversion to music video clips as  its more old skool style for this scribe and if a tune is not a tune, in itself, then its pointless making clips to hype oneself to kingdom come. Its so vain in many ways. So there I was making a difficult choice between making this clip or using the little bit of money accumulated from selling the CD the song was on (called Aphrodite’s Dream) to finance a couple of remixes with Stand Out Selector in San Francisco. I opted for the first option, a decision which I do not regret as I was fortunate enough a couple of years later to work with Stand Out and feel blessed to have him in my musical works to this day.

Any way when the song was released there was a little bit of fuss over the content. Some people found it inappropriate content wise, and a couple of TV stations refused to play it for one humourous zipper scene, where a koumbaros comes out of the toilet and remembers he is flying low so he does his zip up. To me this was nothing lewd just a humourous everyday average thing. Aside from this, so many video clips had such lewdness relating to women that I thought so what lets reverse the role play a touch.

The story of the song is painfully true but simple. Man gets married only to find one day wifey has eloped with best man. I guess this is what some people found too close to the bone but such tragic comic circumstances are common place the world over.

Any way I heard this story today about a wedding last week in a posh Nicosia hotel that brought back some ‘Maro-Maria’ type memories. The wedding was a  grandiose 5.5 star affair and at some point as the groom is making his speech he reveals a surprise gift. He informs all the guests that some one will be the fortunate person who will get a free air ticket to a nice tropical destination for two. All they had to do was take the lucky photo stuck to the bottom of their chair to see who would be the winner. At this point several hundred guests all make the move, lifting up their chairs with glee, fumbling to open their envelopes…and…….every one has the same picture….which features newly wed wifey, the bride, naked and in a rather uncompromising sweet sexual position with…dah dah dah…THE BEST MAN!!! 

At which point the groom, now declares himself a bachelor again, takes all the dosh from the wedding, and exits leaving behind several hundred completely frozen, statuesque guests and a former wife who had turned a deep purple colour from the rather public revelation. Presumably the groom,  a few thousand Euros the richer headed for a tropical island, on his tod!