Giggs second goal sealed it!

Giggs first goal sealed it!

Admittedly, I predicted the score of 3-1 on the morning of Saturday 12th September, when Spurs were scheduled to play Man Utd. The only problem was I believed it would be as it reads – home team 3 away team just 1! After their greatest start to any season since 1961, namely 4 wins in a row, confidence was a high at White Hart Lane. Manager Harry Redknapp has performed a miracle at Spurs but one does feel a familiar feeling, that we are yet again blowing our own trumpet way too much. I did predict that score line but it was 3 to Spurs and 1 to United – no the other way round. Despite the cracking opening goal by Jermain Defoe, a wicked overhead back foot kick which left I-Pod boy, Foster standing in goal like a statue, Spurs soon conceded a free kick conversion by Giggs and just before half time, Anderson pounded another in. In the second half, despite a few missed chances, and Scholes being quiet rightly sent off for too many brainless fouls, Spurs just did not have it, despite the charisma of the Lane and a home crowd.


Football, leaving referees aside and their quirky decisions is very much like a political election campaign, the winning candidate often wins because their opponents are so weak. And that’s why we lost, despite United having just 10 men. Rooney stayed on form by sealing victory after a ridiculous bit of defending by Hutton, who came in place of Corluka. I normally understand Harry’s substitution tactics but this one just dazzled me. So bye to the unbeaten record of Spurs at home, which dates back to last November when Everton flakily clinched a 1 goal win. And if we are not careful, next Sunday we play Chelsea at The Bridge, despite the flying start, we may be heading for a couple of scrappy defeats.


Spurs without certain key players, such as the injured wizard Modric, are weak in midfield. We also hold onto defenders who are watery at times, like Hutton and have our head in the clouds too much when our strikers, score five goals in a row. Don’t get me wrong Defoe and Lennon are on top form, but aside from Jermain’s stunning 1-minute goal, he hardly touched the ball. Lennon was locked down by Evra, captain Keane was weak, the return of Jennas disappoiuntiung and a few wimpy efforts from the Hudd, reminded me too much of how Spurs used to play post- Martin Jol. I am sure Harry gave the team a much deserved post match dressing room gfrilling.

Still, life aint that bad, at least Berbatov did not score. He remains a misfit at United, and will find it hard to keep up with the stamina of people like Rooney, who is having a terrific – to coin  a Harry phrase – season. I don’t think we will win the Premiership and if we are not careful, our current position of 4th could end up being another mediocre brainless position of 8th-14th. I know, Spurs fans will be vexed by this prediction, but I am convinced we still need to come back to planet earth…its only a 4 game run…lets get real! 

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