alexander downer

Alexander Downer is an affable person on a difficult mission. In a number of ways he has contributed to a much more constructive climate than the situation we were all in after the fall out of 2004. So just as things seem to be improving, with optimistic caution, as the leaders enter round two of their heavyweight negotiation process, one newspaper implies, and please note, the word, implies, that Alexander Downer, the UN’s Special Negotiation Envoy in Cyprus, may have , and note the words, may have,a conflict of interest. Allegedly  a company he is a director of, through another company, although it has yet to be proven may have trade links with Turkey. As a result a number of politicians, in and out of government, are now calling for Downer’s resignation and replacement. Funny how history constantly repeats itself on the plantation – hold on haven’t we been here before.

Axxxxxxx the gossip rumour in Cyprus can be so petty minded. Alexander it seems is being punished by the media through a smear campaign because he simply told it like it really is. Certain political circles are vexed by his references to pro-solution and rejectionist parties. Now come on politicos, whom are you trying to kid? I have heard several leading rejectionists who shrouded themselves in the populism of the resounding No vote and declared ‘and whatever plan they bring us we will say no!!!’

The other thing about this alleged allegation about Downer’s supposed conflict of interest is I could name several if not many leading Greek Cypriot rejectionists who are far more linked to multinational companies with a vested interest in businesses in Turkey. What should be addressed is not the supposed validity of the petty minded mud slinging against Alexander Downer, but the impact this is having on Cyprus and the credibility of our government in the peace negotiations. If certain circles do not like Mr. Downer, that’s another issue. It’s nothing personal it’s just political. It’s not Mr. Downer per se, which they do not like, but what he is trying to contribute to – namely, solving the Cyprus Problem. That’s what some fear the most, and it seems they are prepared to go to the most painfully hilarious, as in Monty Pythonesque comic realism, extremes to achieve it. ‘Jimounde oxibni’ as one would say in the much misunderstood Cypriot vernacular. They sleep with their eyes open. Such a move would cost Cyprus very dearly, as this present attempt at a solution, could given the pettiness and intransigence of many Cypriot politicians, be our last. One day  many of us may be saying, Alexander Downer, what an affable person, whatever happened to him?