Let me get this straight – certain political parties in Cyprus doubt the presence of UN Special Envoy Alexander Downer based on descriptions he made of their stance on the Cyprus Issue which were illegally leaked to the media. Said political parties, DiKO and EDEK, both partners in the Christofias government have taken offence as Mr. Downer described them as rejectionist parties. Now whether he is right or wrong in doing this is frankly not the issue – as clearly politics is always a matter of opinion and evaluation. And besides as  various figureheads have indicated on many occasions, whatever plan ‘they’ bring us (meaning of course the UN) we will always say ‘No!!!’ I mean what else could any one call these kind of folk – articulators of hope or prophets of a dark eternal doom.

What is more alarming is that once again, official classified documents are being leaked to the media on a regular basis, and hardly anyone is making an issue out of it. What is more laughable is Downer’s accusers have the nerve to insinuate that he has violated certain diplomatic rules and regulations, when in fact some one leaking the information to the media, is actually breaking the law be revealing confidential information. Cyprus is often referred to as The Bannanation, The Plantation, and clearly such anomalies only serve to reinforce these notions further.

It really remains to be seen how much lower certain politicians and elements of the media will go in Cyprus in their persuit to jeapordize the solution process underway. These manufacturers of rejectionist consent sell people hatred, lies and bleak perceptions of a de facto partition future.

And as we say in the Cypriotic vernacular, ‘en na yinoume rezili bale’ – we will be shamed yet again if we ask the UN General Secretary to appoint a new Special Envoy based on information leaked to the press in such a petty and below the belt manner. It seems rather cowardly that no one is asking these questions and other mind boggling issues, such as how come all of this information is always leaked to the same newspapers, who all harp on a very rejectionist stance, echoing the politicians who feature in them, on a daily basis. As Gil Scott-Heron once said ‘coincidence or conspiracy!’