I have heard and lived through various things as a teacher since 1997. One day these stories will be collected into a more substantive volume…until that happens…enjoy the blog…These are stories I have experienced or heard from colleagues…

Teacher: Move the mouse

Student: How?

Teacher: Just move the mouse!

Student proceeds rather vaguely to move the mouse up and down in the air!


Story from a colleague:

I was once working in a small private language institute, it was my first job. So when I did my first class there was one particular student who was being abusive. He was shouting and even tried to hit me. So I told him to stop and it kind of did but on other occasions during the week he would go off on an aggressive tangent again. So at the end of that first week the owner, who was also the director called me into his office for a chat.

‘Look’ he said ‘ we have been receiving a number of complaints from one of your students and frankly we are a small place and we don’t like getting complaints’.

I tried to explain my side of the story but before I could get beyond the second word he continued

‘So no matter what happens in the class room, the customer is always right, business is business!!!’

As you can understand, from the following week, I did not work there again 🙂


back in the day when I was a student at Essex University one lesser witted student from the homeland decided to deliver a project to the lecturer’s office at midnight. The security guard, who usually spent most of the night sleeping was rather reluctant but after badgering him for 30 minutes he gave in and opened the many doors that led to the said department. It was a bit of a maze getting to Economnics, via Literature, Government and Philosophy but eventually, around 12:30 midnight the project was slipped under the lecturer’s door.

Any way, a week later when the grades are handed out, the said student was left til last. The lecturer handed it to her rather sternly, making no comment. As the student glanced at the letter F her heart sank way down to Adelaide.

‘Sir’ the student pleaded ‘why this grade? ‘

To which he replied rather bureaucratically ‘the project was delivered late – I said, Wednesday noon – I received your paper Thursday morning under my door’.

‘But sir – didn’t you say Wednesday moon!!!?’

Naturally the class, bar one,  lecturer included erupted into cacophonous laughter. The grade I was told stayed the same and the said student became, according to local legend, the first Cypriot at Essex to get an F for an Economics project 😦