Stunned and numbed, thats all that can be said of the recent heinous act committed by some as yet unknown lost souls who opened the tomb of ex-President Tassos Papadopoulos in the middle of a heavy rain storm at night around 10 days ago.  Whether you loved him or loathed him is frankly irrelevant becausse such an act of tomb robbing is universally inhumane. It goes against any form or notion of ethics and civilization. So, the question is who did it? The ‘why’ to me is irrelevant if not a ridiculous question to pose as any inquisitive or  sociological understanding of pillaging some one’s grave is an intellectual and spiritual dead end.

The fact of the matter is simply this. Whoever committed this crime has come to realise that it has serioulsy backfired on them. Think about it logically. If the perpetrators raided the former President’s grave for ransom, then why didn’t they declare it from the start. Perhaps they did not anticipate such a reaction, such a condemnation, and now some people, somewhere are thinking about ‘what next?’.

In addition, such a crime was not committed by Cypriots. This is not being said with any sense of nationalist pride but in a pragmatic sense. Cyprus is way too small for such a huge secret to be kept. The fact that the police have also called in international expertise from Interpol and experts from the British Bases also confirms that the perpetrators come from outside Cyprus. So who then could these twisted lost souls be?

While some of the local media, famed for their distortionist tendencies, opted in a typical reactionary manner for the mythical ‘Turks’ no one has batted an eyelid about other possibilities. Serb Nationalists for example, many of whom have a bitter emnity for the late Cyprus President could be more salient suspects. Tassos Papadopoulos was at some point offering legal advice (along with many others) to the  ill fated Slobodan Milosovic, whose many billions remain unaccounted for. Perhaps such speculation is just as mythical as blaming the ‘Turks’ and the leaving the police to do their investigations in a thorough manner may be the best thing we can all do.

‘Rest in peace Mr President’ many of us – this scribe included – wrote after Papadopoulos passed away. As many of you know, I was not his greatest supporter and given present circumstances that fact  is completely trivial. This issue has nothing as I said at the beginning of this blog with politics – it simply has to do with the most basic human right  which every one should have. The dead, those who have all passed before us living mortals in life,  whoever they are, whatever position they have been in, should be allowed to finally rest in a peaceful manner. This act is so unthinkable, so unhuman, that those who did it, now realize that no matter what, nobody on this planet will a) give into their demands and b) let them get away with it.