For every one person in the media in favour of a solution you will always find an uneven amount of people against. No mater what epoch we are talking about, the voices of freedom always seem to be those who militantly oppose any move forward. For example The Archbishop, Christodoulos Christodoulou (formerly head of The Central Bank and Interior Minister) and broadcasting empires (private and public). A plethora of books, pamphlets distributed at The Church’s expense in Phileleftheros Newspaper, and far right organisations emerging from nowhere with plush offices in Makarios Avenue.

Dialogue it seems is not the answer for all of these very establishment people as they favour a different more aggressive approach which will lead us into chaos. Now that however is a great buzz word, chaos. It’s the essence not of uncertainty but the certainty of provocation, the kind of instability that nationalism thrives on and in. Chaos means action – action sells newspapers, keeps people glued into their TV screens and locked onto radio stations. It also keeps people engaged in mindless cyber warfare on the semantics and legalities of flags, who was here first, and who shot the first deadly bullet.

When these very established forces of chaos link with big capital, an interesting thing happens. Things become so powerful. The hoteliers, although none would admit this publicly do not want a solution, especially those in places like Paphos, Limasol, Ayia Napa and Protaras. They are all way too provincial. Thinking only about their turf and not the future of the collective, they loathe a solution just as much as a competitive overseas tourist destination. Famagusta has always been the key to a solution. It’s the point where high level agreements in 1977 and 1979 could have led to, if the politicians in Cyprus were brave enough to engage in a real dialogue. And its that Famagusta, and its people, along with all the refugees, whether they are Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot, whom these people are willing to sacrifice – just for the profitability of their existing second rate (compared to Famagusta) tourist enterprises.

So here we still are, its 2010, and the people who openly and covertly oppose a solution have yet to tell us is if we adopted their option, what would happen. Forget all the silly talk from some two bit politicians who think they will corner Turkey and eventually liberate Cyprus. They cannot even sort out their own highly divided political ‘churches’ so how will they take on the wrath of the deepest state on earth. Also forget all the empty winded promises of a ‘European’ solution as realistically the only solution the EU accepts is a federal one, and any one who says anything else is just using this as a disguise for peddling myths. I also feel that the option of a more hard line stance will not in itself lead to partition; it will simply sow the grounds for it to happen. Partition is a stark reality, but if it happens, and I would dread and oppose it on all counts, it will happen over generations.

What all of the big small time hustling nationalists should be saying is what they want  and a word that they do not have the courage to say  is – war! Their tune has never changed; it’s just become more muted over the last decade.

A while ago I met some one who advocated the great orthodox alliance between Greeks, Serbs and Russians, to liberate the enslaved lands of Cyprus from the ‘dreaded Turks’. It did sound rather extreme if not vain but this young church worshipper believed it.

I really wish The Archbishop and all his followers and devoutly funded authors and worshippers would finally come out of the closet and really tell it like they believe it. And in doing this people would have a clear choice to make between dialogue, inaction (staying as is) and declaring an orthodox jihad. In that case the ultranationalist orthodox tribe would not have their anti-federalism or Talat bashing discourses to hide behind – they would simply say what they believe and people could see them for what they really are – a bunch of racist, pusillanimous war mongers.

Worse still, what is bad about these kinds of people is they never fight the wars, they just start them. It’s the people who die and suffer.