I once had this image of being in airport lounge aged 80 something on planet earth and by pure chance I would bump into a person in their early 70’s who I hadn’t seen for decades. His first words would be ‘on the box!’ and he would break out into a huge smile. We would then recall days long gone,  a TV station called SIGMA started from nothing in Nicosia and how life had flown us all by. I will always be grateful to the Hadjicostis family as they gave me a first opportunity to fulfill a dream of working in radio and television and the philosophy of creating something out of nothing has been with me ever since. 

Ideas, creation, innovation, daring to be different and having an opportunity to do so are such valuable things in life and I feel blessed to have had such breaks in life.

Andy Hadjicostis, happily married, with two lovely children was shot in cold blood on Monday January 11th. The news traveled fast by text and phone within seconds. ‘Andy has been shot’ seemed such an unreal text that I had to re-read it several times before it sank in. ‘Andy died’ was even more painful to hear.

Such a cowardly execution on some ones door step. As the news travelled the scenario-ology started spread fast. As a friend and out of respect its pointless going into it all  and hypothesising. I will leave that to the people who want to enage in it – may be its their way of coping.

My way is to remember the good times. Dancing a syrtaki in a tavern in Kastelorizo with a endless kefi and ouzo. Belamos in a club somewhere in Nicosia on tables. My big 40 birthday ten years ago at Red.  Walking into an office for the first time and walking out with a TV and Radio show…

Your life was taken from you and us way too young my friend…and we will dearly miss you…Your memory will live long through a long list of achievements…I will meet you again  at some point in a different airport lounge in the sky….in the heavens……