Its  notable that Dervis Eroglou, the new Turkish Cypriot leader issued a plea for a solution with the added baggage that ‘we’ meaning Cypriots of course, could live together, side by side, as two separate states, with clearly defined borders, as distinct entities. some people are labelling this idea as The Mediterranean Velvet Partition. Seeing as we cannot solve the Cyprus Problem, why not shelve it eternally and just go our separate ways through a mutually agreed divorce.

The biggest areas of contention however will remain. What happens to all the refugees, their property rights? Have they just been strung along all these decades to now be  sold out completely? Does The Republic of Cyprus in the EU now become defunct or does a new entity in the ‘north’ simply join as the bother half and we start trading and existing as if we were EU partners? And if this new hypothetical entity joins, how will it happen? Does the ‘north’ actually meet all EU entry criteria?

There is also another more ethical issue that relates to political honesty. Mr Eroglou came to power on this platform but how can it be trusted when just one day before his election groups of his over fanaticised supporters attacked Talat voters physically, telling them that after Eroglou’s victory any one who voted Talat should ’emigrate south’ and that there was no place for them in the newly declared one party/divine leader kind of state .

So how can any one trust a politician whose supporters egged on by their leader slander 43% of the population. Where does the ‘love thy neighbour’ tagline fit in the picture. Clearly one cannot love thy neighbour unless one first loves oneself!