As my mum often says “too much words are poverty” and what a fine vernacular snippet it is. Too much words for too many decades and so little action. On all fronts excessive verbal has dogged our lives and dragged us down like quicksand. And as The Cyprus Problem enters yet another stalemate, another impasse, one wonders not so much where it will lead to, nor when it will end. I used to think that way. Nowadays, I really think what we should be saying and showing is when will a solution begin.

Now before every one jumps to the conclusion that I have lost my marbles completely I must declare some very subjective evidence. As a refugee with no refugee status, I am not asking for a belated hand out as I am not a refugee in an absolute sense. Our double standards on who is a refugee and who is not simply sicken me. So I want play the refugee ticket.  I am simply like most people affected by The Cy Prob getting real. Here we are with a scenario whereby Eroglou’s two state vision totally contravenes everything the UN is supposed to stand for on Cyprus and yet the UN are not saying a thing. Instead it appears December is our new dread line and we re back in Wal-Mart land. A place where the very undiplomatic tactics of give and take may force electorates in Cyprus to again vote on plans unknown, negotiated in haste behind closed doors. The rush is as always determined by Turkey’s apparent willingness to join the EU, as if Cyprus is the one and only benchmark.

So by December will  history be repeating itself albeit partially. Instead of the Cy Prob always being solved by forces and factors beyond our control a different kind of process could be facilitated. The UN, with all their good intentions should assess what the basis for the negotiations actually is and by practical example  a real process for solving the Cyprus Problem must start. Key to this is simple. Cypriots should simply be left alone, by everyone who is interfering in Cyprus, to solve our differences with mutual understanding and by actually living together peacefully. That is what the real meaning of a made in Cyprus solution is. A solution made by all the people for all the people. And until that is taken into account we will all face many more December dread lines that are doomed to fail, because the people that made these decisions and set  unachievable benchmarks, never took into account one simple factor, the dynamics of the popular will for or against a specified solution.

UN Special Envoys come and go. UN General Secretaries, the same but not with the same frequency. Presidents, leaders, mouthpieces, nationalists, crypto-nationalists, communists, liberals, conservatives, Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, come and go, live and die, generation upon generation and the different dimensions of a political problem called Cyprus remain unresolved.