As my car guzzled the fuel I was taken aback by the increase of 6 Euros. The last time I filled up was a week ago. Apparently, this swift and unanimous rise was imposed and voted on with much delay. Cyprus, according to EU regulations had not imposed this rise as agreed a few years ago. So it is baffling to me why every one is asked to pay for something without any concern for variations in income, wealth and yet when people who own larger properties, like hotels and luxury properties for rent at extortionate prices refuse to accept an increase in property taxes.

These well to do people and the political parties which reflect their interests are saying if the government taxes entrepreneurs it will effect the economy in times of crisis. It is somewhat hypocritical though as property tax in Cyprus has not increased since the early 1980’s and many of the people complaining about this own properties valued at 1980’s rates!!!

So how come every single citizen who uses a vehicle that relies on petrol or diesel can accept say a 5% price rise in a day, and yet people who make millions, will not agree to a slight adjustment of their vast wealth?

As one business person recently noted ‘The crisis has hit our companies…we made 100m profit this year instead of the 150m the previous year’…..Oh how sad is that…