Grannies playing spastra…Sunday league teams kicking a ball around effortlessley on Hackney Marshes…As the England fans booed after the game Wayne Rooney reacted, pitbull style in front the cameras. What then is wrong with England as a football team? Well first up they never play like a team because they don’t know, just like all of us, who the team actually is until a couple of hours before the game. Capello’s mysterious approach then has hindered developing a team spirit. Now according to The Sun Football Guru and Tottenham saviour, Harry Redknapp this is common practice as it prevents information leaking out from disgruntled players who may not be picked to the opponents before a game. But surely these people who kick a round object aimlessly for a few hours a day are getting paid much more in a year than all if us earn in a life time, so where’s the loyalty, respect, let alone confidentiality.

Next up, they don’t play like a team because they are still playing like competing players in the Premiership. These top flight footballers seem to have much more loyalty to club rather then country, which frankly sucks considering this is a world cup.

There are also some players who think they are ready, the bees knees and all the rest, but really they aint ready yet and others that are so past it that one wonders why they are still being picked. Rooney for instance seems to be the kingpin of the England side but if he played like that two games in a row for Man United Fergie would have benched him. Heskey, with all due respect is way passed it as a starting player and he hasn’t scored for England in ages. Where’s Joe Cole? He hasn’t been given a moments play and yet he has more flair and determination than many.

Finally, Capello has to go. It just isn’t working for him or for England. Despite being in the job for a few years now he seems to be out of touch with the players appearing as a rather frustrated man, who couldn’t muster a goal against a sub standard side – lets face it Algeria had lost 4 out of their 5 last matches – on his birthday.

So England-v-Slovenia…I’d rather watch the grannies playing spastra…