British PM, David Cameron confessed today that the British public should be more supportive of the Armed Forces in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama was elected on a wave of optimism a couple of years ago, what was the slogan ‘Change We Can”. So what has happened to all the anti-war protests? Or are these expressions of dissent and resistance much more muted today by a media that sanitizes war with embedded censored reportage and one-sided praises from pro-war politicians like Cameron.

The total cost of both wars to date exceeds $1,007,961,600,000. About 70% of this has been spent in Iraq and 30% in Afghanistan. The cost in human lives in both contexts varies, depending on whose statistics are referred to. In Iraq one source quotes 104,595 while another estimates 1,033,000 violent deaths from the war

In a time of extreme world crisis, where every country is in some way affected by a greedy few conning many through the out-dated stock market systems, it does seem senseless to be spending so much on wars that are frankly not achieving anything.

A recent IMF survey claims the cost of mopping up after the world financial crisis has come to $11.9 trillion (£7.12 trillion) – enough to finance a £1,779 handout for every man, woman and child on the planet

It’s a huge sum but if expenditure on war was halted, and all the troops came home, this money could go towards reversing the effects of the economic crisis.

In a world where according to UNICEF 24,000 children die each day due to poverty it still baffles me why politicians, David Cameron included are still choosing war over peace….