happy name day to any one who shares the name….


They gave us all kinds of names
Dished out on playing pitchesAnd over stormy dining tables
They called me many names
I had more nicknames than the years has days
More nick names than the sun has rays
Them call me colour
Call me paki, diego, whop, spik and darkie
Them call me class
Said I should work like my parents
Sweating bucketsLong hard hours present past
Them call me intelligence
Said I was good at Rugby and footie
But my maths and history was dodgy and awkward
Them also call meCulture
Said I was schizophrenic
Trapped in some kind of bi-cultural panicLost in Britain
And not proud of it
Call me colourCall me culture
Call me class
Call me
All kinds of……
But them never call me
By my name
For that
Was all
I Ever

(C) 1998