Andy by Kikos Lanitis

I will not write any cliché tear jerking stuff
To massage weakened wounded egos
Cos a year on
Is a year on
We all miss you
That’s a fact
But saying all that kind of stuff
Is weak-hearted and selfish…

Is not just a word
It is an act of truth and rights
And justice
Has not been done
And that bothers many a soul
Who walk on this earth
Knowing that life could be taken
Just like that
Any where
Any time….

I also feel some apologies are due
From all the bandwagonists
Who the minute tragedy struck
Found space to capitalize
With hatred tainted lies
Just for the sake of controlling that bitter painful twisted moment
They should all type their sorrys
On Facebook Walls
With Graffiti lettering
The size of great cliffs
Where waves crash
Blisteringly to a mythical end
Only to bounce back again
To the sea
Their source.

The world is much much poorer without you
Dear friend
One year on
As was then
When vicious bullets took your life
We all still wait
Just like you
For justice to be done…