Being here in Corsica is a mystical experience. Waking up to the stunning views, making music and radio for most of the day, and sitting down chatting to Gibsy Rhodes on his own turf, Kingdom Signal Studios is one of the most inspiring musical adventures I have been on to date. Tonight we do our new release ‘One Summer…’ live on radio for the first time. Its a live gig in Gibsy’s modest home studio, surrounded by keyboards, a few mixers, some vintage radio gear and a friendly cat called Topaz who purrs like a combine harvester and has a liking for chewing wires – mind the cat kids!

The live session is powered as I said by modest equipment. Gibsy is no geek. He does not walk around with a calculator working out delay alogrithms. There is no music production software as such, no digital workstations on heavy duty computers and no endless discussions on what does what better or worse. His musical philosophy is simple “it does it for me, thats the sound I like, thats the art I make”.

Gibsy is a joy to work with live. He just labours on the keyboards mixing and blending those notes and ideas and the live shows on radio in this sanctuary up on a mountainside in a small village called Corbara will be magic.

Tune in tonight for some live radio art

5-9pm (France) 4-8pm (UK) 6-10pm (Cyprus)