‘One Summer…’ New Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal launched live on Radio out of Corsica, Cyprus and London

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dl coverRadio brings people together, it always and always will. Haji Mike in Cyprus linked up with Gibsy Rhodes aka Kingdom Signal in the summer of 2014 via Versionist Radio. Gibsy wanted to do a Haji Mike Special so he requested a few tunes. This led to an invite to Haji Mike to join the station, which happened shortly afterwards. Versionist was also known as the ‘Village Radio’ and would later transmute into ‘OuttaMiYard Radio’ where people from different locations around the world switch studios every couple of hours like as one Reggae/Dub Radio Marathon. Radio also brings people together through music and is a vital media for musicians as a platform to showcase their creations. Haji Mike realized this when he started releasing independent music in 1990 via London. ‘The first time I did a radio session for Andy Kershaw I was over the moon. In fact Kershaw was the first person to play ‘Stavroulla’ one of my early releases in Cyprus’ says Haji Mike ‘ and that concept of the live session, where musicians jam on air was crucial for many artists like myself back in the day as a way of getting exposure.’ Fast forward, 27 years and the live radio session is just as important but something fundamental has changed in the meantime. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to play live on air from any place and any time as long as the technology works. So Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal, follow in the that fine live radio session tradition this month with a couple of special exclusive shows to launch their new release ‘One Summer’ (Power of Love Records) which came out on May 1st. Dates as follows for the sessions and interviews:


Weds 10th May 17:00–21:00 UTC+02 (4-8pm, UK – 6-10pm, CY) OuttaMiYardRadio Live Session Episode 1 – Live and direct from Kingdom Signal Studios, Corsica Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal play ‘One Summer…’ in full plus dubplates, selections and tunes galore as the two Kings of The Mediterranean Underground meet for the first time on Air.

Tune in here——> outta-mi-yard-hm-main

Thurs 11th May Live interview with Jahmon Selector (Belgium) on OuttaMiYardRadio 18:00 – 18.30  Tune in here——>    outta-mi-yard-hm-main

Thurs 11th May Live interview with DJ Debbie Golt on The Outerglobe (UK) on Resonance FM 7.40-8.15 pm  Tune in here——>  resonancefm_logo


Fri  12th May 5-7pm UK (7-9pm CY) GreekBeat Radio (UK)  Live Session Episode 2 live and direct from Kingdom Signal Studios, Corsica Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal perform ‘One Summer…’ in full plus dubplates and selections. Tune in here ——————>greekbeat

What people have been saying about ‘One Summer…’   

‘Lush New Dub Sound’ – Sarah Fenwick – Cyprus News Report

‘Meditative’ Sista Skanka – OMYRadio

‘Hypnotic’ Dub Thomas – Dubophonic/OMYRadio/RastFM

‘Fabulous!’ Dj Mario Greekbeat Radio

‘A contemplative call to action, earthed in the cosmos, rootical, soaring, essential!’ Debbie Golt Outerglobe/Resonance 104.4FM

‘Many things…an awakening, fresh, exciting, earthy, witty, poetic, summerness, takes you on journeys, bittersweet and ambitious’ Stelios Keryniotis, Astra Radio Cyprus


dl cover

The New release ‘One Summer…’ is available through  Google ,24/7 ,7 Digital, Amazon MP3, BounDEE, Emusic, iFeel Music, iMusica, iTunes,Juno, MediaNet Mobile Partners: AMI Entertainment & Gracenote – Streaming – Napster/Rhapsody/YouTube Art Tracks and many more….




Also check the video for ‘Stargazing’ by Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal


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Power of Love Records on Facebook

Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal Bandcamp

Kingdom Signal Soundcloud 

Haji Mike

For more information contact  POLRecords@protonmail.com

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For 1 Gramme…


For 1 Gramme

For 1 gramme of cannabis

The police tried to

Kill peace

For 1 gramme

At the end of a divided street

They pounced


In the middle of the night

And tried to defeat peace…

Arrested 29 innocent people

Busted in

Heavy handed

It was planned

It was planted

Behind the door

A fact you should not ignore

Not found in anyone’s possession

Or on any one’s person

There is no point to curse them

They are too pathetic

For it was planted

Just conviniently

To be ‘discovered’

Behind the door

At the entrance

To the site of liberation.

For 1 gramme…

They will stigmatize you

Make you larger than life

Inflate you into a major drug dealer

They will also say

A person  can leap

And they will keep


The same things

That you can jump

From herb to chemicals

Like coke, crack and heroine

Those media fools

Will always say one thing leads to another

They called you a ‘British Cypriot’ brother

always, often, usually

On the TV

Radio news report

coupled with the adage

‘Major Drug Addict Dealer’

When the said persons was busted

For 1 gramme

The same 1 gramme

Amount wise

of Cannabis

The police

Tried to kill peace…

Arrested 29 innocent people

They pounced


In the middle of the night

Down a divided street

They pounced for 1 gramme

not a kilo or an ounce

Just a gramme

To kill peace….

“Herb is a plant”

Bob and many wise people said

It grows in the earth

From the root to the stem and the bud

natty dread


for 1 piddly diddly gramme

The police

Tried to kill peace

For 1 gramme

For every single gramme

Which you can probably find somewhere

On every street in the world

For one piddly diddly squat gramme

The oppression persecution sufferation

Mus’ cease!

Hear the poem as a tune by clicking  here 

Direct Free Download here

Also a video clip – click here